GUV on Tap!

Our new GUV ale is now on, dedicated to Al Murray who popped in to see us recently on his "Vote GUV for Guv'norment tour". Produced by Jenny Faulkner this ale is triple hopped at a healthy 4.8%ABV.

R.T.A now available

Our latest brew is now on tap featuring the very hoppy "Target" hops

Target Hops are widely used for both its bittering and aromatic qualities. The alpha acid content ranges from 8.0%-12.5% and imparts a clean bitterness. Target is commonly used for kettle additions in the brewing process for its smooth bite, and also for early aroma contributions. Target has created a following in breweries for its aroma that comes from the oil composition. Myrcene oil content is high in Target, while the other oils are in moderate range. Farnesene is only present in trace amounts.

Four Candles Officially the Smallest Brewpub in Britain!

OK, so I might have had a few sips before the photo but this was the first official pint (not half pint) to come from the new Four Candles AFT cask...and it was extremely good! Easy to drink with a slight bitter edge, this 4.5% ale made from "Chinook Single Hops" is the first of many brews to come from the Four Candles Ales house, the smallest brewpub in Britain! Janice officially tapped the first cask soon followed by Mike on the second to ensure there was no delay in serving you tonight, as we expect this ale to go quickly!

Green Hop Starts Today!

Starting from today it's the long awaited start of the Green Hop fortnight! Get yourselves down later today and enjoy a brew made by our own Mike Beaumont and Paul Wenham-Jones under the guidance of expert Martin Guy from Canterbury Ales brewery! Todays first green hop is Canterbury Ales Auburn Green.

Welcome to the Folk Festival goers.

Open from 12 Midday The Four Candles is the nearest Ale House to the Folk Week campsite! Pop in for a few on your way down to the festivities, and perhaps a night cap on your way back? We are located at the lower end of Upton Road which has a footpath just opposite the Broadstairs end of the campsite. For further directions please use our online map. We look forward to seeing you soon!